ProtectaBEE® Deluxe Bundle
ProtectaBEE® Deluxe Bundle
ProtectaBEE® Deluxe Bundle
ProtectaBEE® Deluxe Bundle
ProtectaBEE® Deluxe Bundle
ProtectaBEE® Deluxe Bundle
ProtectaBEE® Deluxe Bundle
ProtectaBEE® Deluxe Bundle
ProtectaBEE® Deluxe Bundle
ProtectaBEE® Deluxe Bundle
ProtectaBEE® Deluxe Bundle
ProtectaBEE® Deluxe Bundle
ProtectaBEE® Deluxe Bundle
ProtectaBEE® Deluxe Bundle

ProtectaBEE® Deluxe Bundle

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Easier Beekeeping with All-In-One Adjustable Hive Entrance

Our innovative entrance is like a Swiss Army knife for your bees and the 2023 world silver medalist in beekeeping innovation and your all-season guard.

It fends off Yellow jackets, laughs in the face of cold snaps, shrugs off rain, and lets you sneak in feed and probiotics without cracking open the hive.

Need to quickly stop your hive from swarming or move your hive? We've got you covered there too.

With up to 50% of beehives dying every year - innovation is required in beekeeping.  The ProtectaBEE® system is one the best new tools in the beekeeper's arsenal.

With over 12 different uses - you'll be beekeeping easier than ever before, and your bees will thank you! 

What does it do?

  • Keeps out hornets, Yellow jackets, skunks, mice, and robbing bees!

  • 2 different sized entrance reducers - that fit perfectly, don't warp, and are super easy to take on and off without having to pry up the hive

  • A feeding tray

  • Let the bees do the work, and use bee vectoring to deliver medications and supplements

  • Stop swarms with our SwarmStopper insert

  • No more wet or hot landing boards, this patio cover is perfect for your girls

  • Windy area? The bees are protected with the large covered landing board

  • Hive beetles? We don't know if it keeps them out yet - but you can add DE and monitor with our hive beetle monitor

  • Moving the bees? Use the solid or vented inserts as soon as everyone is home

  • Pesticide spraying nearby or using an Oxalic Acid vaporizer - close her down

  • Mowing or weedwhacking, simply turn the cones inward and slow down those guards

  • The extra large landing board allows for cooling of the hive while protected from overhead predators


The ProtectaBEE® can be added any time; gently nudge the bees out of the way, or install at night. The keyhole screw openings allow you to easily remove the ProtectaBEE® by simply loosening the screws.

Fits most standard Langstroth 10-frame hives. If your bottom board is too small, simply add a small notch on either side to slide in the edges of the ProtectaBEE®.



Who created the ProtectaBEE®?
The ProtectaBEE® system was developed by a team of dedicated Canadian scientists and experienced beekeepers, led by Dr. Erica Shelley, who share a passion for bee health and sustainable beekeeping practices. Drawing on their expertise and years of research, they created ProtectaBEE® with the goal of providing beekeepers with an innovative solution to enhance hive health and productivity. With a deep understanding of bee behavior and environmental factors impacting bee colonies, the creators of ProtectaBEE® are committed to supporting beekeepers in their efforts to protect and nurture bee populations for generations to come.

Can the bees cool the hive when it's hot?
We tested over two years and found less bearding on our hives with ProtectaBEE® than hives without the ProtectaBEE®.  Honey production and curing rates were improved compared to those hives without the ProtectaBEE®. Inside is an extra-large landing board, and there is still air moving in and out.

Additionally, you can always remove the inserts, and we recommend doing that when you do not have any issues with robbers to maximize bee traffic!

We have also just added a new optional vented cone insert - which we have nicknamed the Texas cones - as Texas beekeepers asked for these repeatedly!

Is plastic safe for bees?
Yes! Beehives for years have had plastic frames, plastic queen excluders, plastic feeders, and there are even full plastic hives! The bees don't mind!

Why plastic?
Most hives are fully exposed to all the weather elements. Over time wood warps and would not provide the security needed to keep out predators. We have sourced a bee-friendly plastic that will last several years outside without becoming brittle. Our inserts are also reinforced to prevent warping.

Can the queen bee leave the colony with the ProtectaBEE® cones installed?
The cones are big enough to let drones (boy bees) enter and exit the hive, so the queen can also enter and exit. This is important, especially if a virgin queen needs to mate. The ProtectaBEE® will not prevent swarming.

Will the ProtectaBEE® work with a Flow® hive?
Yes, but only if you remove the landing board that comes with the Flow® hive. Otherwise, there is not enough bee space.

Is there even more that I can do with the ProtectaBEE®?
Since the ProtectaBEE® is a plug & play system, we can create all sorts of inserts and additions. We have tested putting pollen patties and fondant into the ProtectaBEE® behind a solid insert and found that works well to increase hive numbers in the Spring. We also have an insert to block swarms temporarily. We also are developing a feeder that can be used with the ProtectaBEE®. And, of course, we will be testing to see if we can keep out small hive beetles (but they can be monitored with the monitoring drawer)!

This is too expensive for all my hives, why should I even buy it?
If you're hesitant about purchasing for all your hives, we recommend starting with just a few units to test its effectiveness. We're confident that once you experience the benefits firsthand, you'll see the value it brings to your beekeeping operation. We're here to support you in making the best decision for your bees and your business.