Bee Health Plan Booklet

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Bee Health Plan Cards

Discover the ultimate guide for every beekeeper with our laminated Bee Health Plan Booklet. Each card delves into crucial topics, including "How to do a Mite Wash", "Thresholds for Treating Mites", "Catching Swarms", "Oxalic Acid Treatments", "Sugar Syrup", "Adding Probiotics", "Using Hopguard", "Apivar", and more.

Designed with clarity in mind, these cards feature large print instructions for both use and disposal, ensuring you have all the information you need right at your fingertips. Additionally, each card contains links to websites offering detailed instructional videos, enhancing your learning experience.

Crafted with durability as a priority, these cards are laminated, ensuring they can withstand exposure to honey, propolis, and the elements, making them a perfect companion for trips out to the apiary.

Buy cards separately or as a pack. Perfect gift for the new beekeeper - or just those who get frustrated looking everything up or squinting to read the small print.