All-In-One Hive Entrance System

Protect your bees and simplify beekeeping


Protects from wasps, hornets, and other hive pests

Close hive for moving

Prevents robbing

Regulates temperature

Bee-Vectoring: Bees Deliver Treatments/Probiotics for You!

Temporarily stop swarming


To fully appreciate the robust, well-engineered design of the ProtectaBEE® system, visit one of our ProtectaBEE® family stores and see it in action for yourself!

Whether you're just beginning your journey into beekeeping or you're a seasoned beekeeper, the ProtectaBEE™ is going to be your new favourite piece of beekeeping equipment.

Beekeepers Are Buzzing About ProtectaBEE™


The ProtectaBEE has lots of different functions. I found it helpful to close up the hives with the solid panels when cutting the grass or when the neighbouring farmers were spraying the field of pesticides. I also used it to prevent yellow jackets from entering the hive. That can be a big problem in the fall and it really helped. This winter I even put a little sugar in the trays as an energy food source and it was really easy to do this instead of opening up the hive. The ProtectaBEE is also great for keeping mice and skunks aways from the hives. My hives that have the ProtectBEE are doing very well.

Christine M.

Hobby Beekeeper


I find it does help make managing hive entrances much easier, which is a small part of beekeeping, but a large stress-reducer when it comes time to move the hive, protect it from robbing, increase ventilation and traffic, or add supplements.

Dan Y.

Hobby Beekeeper


Buy one now and try it out and then you will definitely buy one for each of your hives.

Joe M.

Hobby Beekeeper


It works wonderful, it only took the bees about two hours to figure it out.

Richard I.

Commercial Beekeeper


I think the ProtectaBEE™ is amazing. I'm over the moon about it.

Brian B.

Hobby Beekeeper


The ProtectaBEE™ is keeping my hives safe from robbing and wasps! With so many uses this device has become my little miracle worker. Makes my life easy and the bees appreciate the added help.

Stephen G.

Hobby Beekeeper

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