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THIS is it.

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Easier Beekeeping with All-In-One Adjustable Hive Entrance

ProtectaBEE™ simplifies beekeeping with an adjustable entrance that keeps out wasps, hornets, mice, robbing bees, skunks, and other predators.

How Does ProtectaBEE™ Make Beekeeping Easier?

Protects from wasps, hornets, and other hive pests

Prevents robbing

Delivers treatments through apivectoring

Protection + Treatment Delivery System

Red cones are difficult for predators to see, while smaller openings allow for guard bees to more easily protect the hive from robbers.

Treatments can be added to the "IN" drawer to fight pests and diseases inside the hive, such as Varroa mites and American foulbrood using innovative bee vectoring technology.

Entrance Reducers + Feeding Station

Two size entrance reducers can keep your hive warm in cooler weather. Use both entrance reducers on each side, or add a solid insert on one side.

Solid inserts provide an accessible drawer for adding supplements, pollen substitutes or fondant without disturbing the hive.

Reduce Outbound Traffic

Turn the cone inserts on both sides to "IN" to reduce outgoing traffic and guard bee activity while mowing or trimming around your hives.

Solid Inserts

Solid inserts can be added for moving hives short distances or to temporarily close for protection from pesticide spraying nearby.

No Inserts - Protected Landing Board

Remove inserts during heavy nectar flow or when robbing is not an issue to provide an extra large landing board protected fom rain, wind and overhead predators.

Bee Vectoring Lets the Bees do the Work for You.

The ProtectaBEE™ allows bees to carry powders INTO the hive to improve health and simplify beekeeping. Our patent-pending design ensures that the bees transfer the powders throughout the hive at the right concentration while minimizing loss to the external environment.

1. Bees return to the hive. 2. Bees enter the ProtectaBEE™. 3. Bees walk throuhg bee friendly powders. 4. Bees spread the powder throughout the hive.

Beekeeping will be easier, bee-frienl, and with less backpain wiht bee vectoring.

Casing now comes with small hive beetle monitor. Load with Beetle bait for monitoring.

Fits 10-frame Lagstroth hives and 7-frame Flow® hives.

8-frame ProtectaBEE™ coming Summer 2023

Find out how Ted Honey, Bee-Dad/Beekeeper, uses the ProtectaBEE™ to take care of his BEE-loved bees.

4 easy steps to add treatmetns and supplenents to your hives.

1. Attach the ProtectaBEE™ to the outside of the hive.
			2. Add inserts to the drawers.
			3. Add powder to the drawers.
			4. Slide drawers into the ProtectaBEE™.

What's included with the ProtectaBEE™?
		1 White case.
		2 Drawers.
		2 Cone inserts.
		2 Solid inserts.
		Small and medium entrance reducers.
		Online beekeeping mentorship with  e-mail/text reminders.

Easy to attach, UV-light, and weather-resitant

The ProtectaBEE™ can easily be put on and off hives. Weather-resistant and bee-friendly plastic ensures longevity. No more fighting with entrance recducers, mouse guards, or loss of bees and larvae.

Stackable Inserts Save Space

Technical specs.
		Dimensions: fits standard 10-frame Langstroth and 7-frame Flow® hives.
		Length: 379 mm / 14.9 inces
		Width: 107 mm / 4 inches
		Height (without mounting tabs): 52 mm / 2 inches
		Height (with mounting tabs): 75 mm / inches

Why red cones? Bees, wasps, and other insects don't see the colour red.
		Bees orient to hte ProtectaBEE™ using the shape, signalling from other bees, as well as smell.
		In less than 2 hours, the bees have learned the entrance and exit points.

As featured in Bee Culture, the magazine of America Beekeeping

Beekeepers Are Buzzing About ProtectaBEE™

I think the ProtectaBEE™ is f***ing amazing. I'm over the moon about it.

Brian Brown

Hobby Beekeeper

I honestly think that the ProtectaBEE™ is going to change the beekeeping industry.

Mike Barber

Small-Scale Beekeeper

Beyond providing the right medication at the right time, the wisdom that comes along with that service is really going to help the beekeeping industry, certainly starting with the hobby beekeepers.

Dr. Greg Hawkins

Veternarian and Beekeeper

The ProtectaBEE™ will be a huge time saver. We could go through 24 hives in 20 minutes as opposed to a few hours when needing to manually open the hives.

Brad Norris

Small-Scale Beekeeper

The fact that science backs the ProtectaBEE™ gives us the confidence that we're giving the best quality and best types of products to the bees to make them better and healthier overall.

Melanie Nobre

Hobby Beekeeper

I think getting Varroa under control is the most exciting thing about the ProtectaBEE™ and just using it in
a practical manner, the bees are just coming and going and I’m loving it.

Mike Barber

Small-Scale Beekeeper

We really like the idea, and we can’t wait to start using it with some treatments. Already it makes an
excellent entrance reducer, as it’s multi-purpose, we’re pretty impressed so far.

Bruce Richardson

Small-Scale Beekeeper

It works wonderful, it only took the bees about two hours to figure it out.

Richard Ince

Commercial Beekeeper

If I were to purchase a ProtectaBEE™ right now, I’d put one all my hives as a hobby beekeeper, it’s a lot
easier to start out with what you need.

Stephen Gammage

Hobby Beekeeper


Yes! See this video HERE!

Dead bee removal is not an issue and queens and drones are able to move easily through the cones.

We tested over two years and found less bearding on our hives with ProtectaBEE™ than without. Inside is an extra-large landing board, and the bees continue to fan inside the hive. Additionally, you can always remove the inserts, and we recommend doing that when you do not have any issues with robbers to maximize bee traffic!

Yes! Beehives commonly have plastic frames, plastic queen excluders, plastic feeders, and there are even full plastic hives! The bees don't mind!

Most hives are fully exposed to severe weather elements (sun, rain, cold). Over time wood warps and does not provide the security needed to keep out predators. We have sourced a bee-friendly plastic that will last several years outside without becoming brittle. Our inserts are also reinforced to prevent warping.

Pre-order your ProtectaBEE™ now, with estimated shipping 8-10 weeks from when you order.

The cones are big enough to let drones and queen move in and out of the hive. This is important, especially if you have a virgin queen that needs to mate. The ProtectaBEE™ will not prevent swarming.

Since the ProtectaBEE™ is a plug & play system, it means we can create all sorts of inserts and additions.

Watch our site for new inserts and drawers to keep your bees happy and healthy!