Zombie? ZomBEE!
Zombies may only be human imagination, but zombie bee does exist. "Stumble, have no sense of direction, like to haunt at night, wander aimlessly, easy to be attracted by lights and die under light". Scientists' description of the behavior of...
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What's inside the hive
Hive Structure Honeybee nests are composed of single or several nests, and the nests are composed of a series of closely arranged hexahedral nests   Function Honeycomb is the main place for bees to rest and activities. For example, bees...
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Bee's little "secrets"
1. Bees have three "sexes"Bees can be divided into three types: queen bee, worker bee and drone. The queen bee is a female bee with reproductive ability and is responsible for reproduction, while the worker bee is a female bee...
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