Zombie? ZomBEE!

Zombie? ZomBEE!

Zombies may only be human imagination, but zombie bee does exist. "Stumble, have no sense of direction, like to haunt at night, wander aimlessly, easy to be attracted by lights and die under light". Scientists' description of the behavior of zombee is easy to associate with the zombie in the film.

Zombie bee was first discovered in California in 2008. Later, the bee was found in Oregon, Washington, and South Dakota.

what is zombee?

It is reported that the culprit of turning bees into "zombies" is a parasitic fly, apocephalus borealis. It lays its eggs in the abdomen of the bee. Fly eggs grow on

the brain of bees and decompose the tissues in bees. Once bees are spawned by parasites, their behavior will become like "zombies". After 7 days, 25

hatched fleas and flies will climb out of the head and chest of each bee. After the eggs hatch, the bees will die in just five minutes.

Behavioral characteristics

Zombee is a phenomenon after bees are parasitized by flea flies. Flea flies can secrete special substances to interfere with the endocrine system of bees

and disrupt the normal circadian rhythm of bees. The bees parasitized by flea flies will wander aimlessly or show some strange behaviors like zombies, and

finally the body of bees will curl up and die.

Main hazard

The final result of the zombee is death. A few days later, fleas and flies will turn out from the bee's body, and then find a new host (bee) and lay eggs in the

host. Therefore, the zombee is actually infectious. Fortunately, except for a few areas, the zombee has not erupted in the majority of the world.