Fun Facts About Bees

Fun Facts About Bees

1. Bees have three "sexes"
Bees can be divided into three types: queen bee, worker bee and drone. The queen bee is a female bee with reproductive ability and is responsible for reproduction, while the worker bee is a female bee without reproductive ability. It builds nests for the queen bee, collects flower honey, etc. the drone does not need to participate in brewing and collection. The only responsibility of production is to mate with the queen bee.

2. They are indicators of healthy ecosystems

They are responsible for one third of the world's pollination, Some of the food we eat every day mainly depends on bees for pollination. Bee pollination maintains the genetic diversity of bees. Flowering plants, which means that in an ecosystem with bees, things work naturally without human manipulation. Of course, this is not only conducive to the production of flowers, fruits and vegetables, but also to the protection of species.

3.  Bee venom can kill Hives 


Scientists at Washington University School of medicine in St. Louis found that melittin (a toxin found in bee venom) can physically destroy HIV virus.

4. Bees can recognize faces
Bees can recognize faces like us! They identify eyebrows, lips and ears individually, and then analyze them together. Scientists say that studying the face recognition mechanism of bees may make the development of face recognition technology more mature.