12 Bee Facts (we have not verified if all of these are true!)

12 Bee Facts (we have not verified if all of these are true!)
  1. In summer, thousands of bees die every day, but the queen bee lays 15000 eggs every day.
  2. The average honey can only brew about one twelfth of a teaspoon of honey in its lifetime.
  3. Bees will rebel. When they no longer want to serve the queen, they will surround it and keep stirring their wings until they heat the queen to death!
  4. Male bees are called drone. They basically have no work and no needle like worker bees. All they have to do is look for the queen bee to mate.
  5. Bees have lived on earth for 30 million years.
  6. they are the only insect that produces food for humans.
  7. Worker bees stab each other when they are invaded by others. Once they do, they will lose their lives. The queen bee also has thorns, but she doesn't leave the hive, just for defense.
  8. Bees' wings can flap 200 to 400 times per second.
  9. The top speed of bees is 40 kilometers per hour. When it comes back with a full load, it flies at a speed of 20 to 24 kilometers per hour.
  10. Bees can only see blue, green and yellow. In the eyes of bees, a red flower will turn black.
  11. Bees have no sleep all their life. The researchers observed that bees only have 30 seconds to rest every day. During the rest, their antennae sag and their bodies become relaxed. Because the life of bees is not true sleep in the traditional sense, so a bee will die from overwork three to six weeks after its first flight.
  12. The mating of bees is terrible. For males, their only task is to inseminate the queen bee. When they mate with the queen bee, their genitals will remain in the queen bee, in the process, they are likely to die from a torn abdomen. Even if they survive, such a male peak will be abandoned by the hive