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Swarm Removal

Swarms of bees are a great sight! It means that the original hive has possibly gotten too big and so it's spreading out!! The bees are not aggressive and are just resting while their scouts are trying to find them a new home. Neighbors may want to spray the not let them!! Our bees our precious and WE LOVE SWARMS! Please give us a call RIGHT AWAY at 226-220-2863 to remove the swarm safely and find them a safe, new home!!! This is a FREE service.

Matchmaker Services

Are you a wannabe beekeeper without a proper space to keep bees? Or would you just like an excuse to spend some time out of the city? We keep a list of farms that would like host beekeepers. Contact us with your location, how far you would be willing to travel, and your bee experience/education. Priority goes to students who have taken the Best for Bees beekeeping courses. If you are a farm/rural/large property that would like to host a beekeeper please contact us at or 226-220-2863.

Beehive Relocation Services

Do you have bees on your property or in your house. We will remove the bees safely and find them a wonderful new beehive home! We can remove bees from trees, walls, sheds, and more! The cost of this is highly variable depending on the length of time required to remove the hive. If building materials must be removed to get the hive out, you will need to find a local contractor or fix the structure yourself. Remember that even if you kill the bees (which is completely ILLEGAL!!!), unless every little tiny opening is closed, new bees or other pests will happily move in. Not to mention the comb breaking down and the honey leaking onto the structure. Depending on the age of the hive, we may even be able to give you some honey from your own bees!

Bee Shares

Are you hesitant to get bees because you're a student, travel often, or the start-up cost is a concern? Consider a Bee Share with another person just LIKE you! I keep a list of people that would like to keep bees with others. Contact me at with your name, contact information, the reason you would like to do a bee share, your location, if you have a possible place for the hives and how far you'd be willing to travel. Share the work...share the goodies!!!

Best for BeesOnsite Consultations

Are you hesistant about installing your new bees? Or are you having difficulties with hives you currently have? Perhaps you're just wondering about the best place to put your hives. Not to worry...Best for Bees travels!! We can come to you and help you out! Helpful hints, gentle guidance, and education to help you in the future. Contact us at or 226-220-2863 to schedule a time. Must be within a 2 hour drive of the Kitchener/Waterloo/Cambridge area.

Private Course and Traveling Courses

I can come to you and provide my beginning beekeeping and advanced beekeeping on site to an individual or small group. Please contact or 226-220-2863 to find something that works with your schedule!

Beekeeper Internships

One of the best ways to learn something is to do it with an expert! Commercial Beekeepers often need extra help, particularly at harvesting time! And hobby beekeepers sometimes like help if they're taking extended vacations in the summertime. If you're interested in getting some hands on experience and have taken one of our courses, we will do our best to connect you with experienced beekeepers. Commercial beekeepers and Hobbyists, please contact us if you're interested in having a helping hand! or 226-220-2863.

Traveling Classes

Any dates that have not been pre-scheduled can be done in YOUR TOWN. You provide the location and a minimum of 4 students plus gas cost and $40/hour traveling time and I can come to you!